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Los Angels photography workshop
Los Angels photography workshop
Los Angels photography workshop
Los Angels photography workshop

Do you want to improve your photography? Join Karla, the photographer from KD PHOTO STUDIO and founder of LA LOFT STUDIO’S rentals, for a two-day exclusive workshop to learn everything you need to know about maternity, fashion, beauty, fine art, and branding photography.  

If you're ready to create the images you and your clients will love, this photography workshop is for you!

This workshop is for everyone. Whether you are just getting started or you are an amateur or professional photographer and want to learn different photography techniques and level up well, this class is for you.


Whether you work with personal clients or want to start working with brands, this workshop is your most significant investment; you will get to build a portfolio to help you grow in the studio photography business and, most importantly, produce a higher income doing what you love. 

In this photography workshop, you will learn valuable information, such as camera settings and studio lighting setups. How to use and set up studio flash strobes and spotlights. How to take advantage of natural window sunlight, work faster while shooting, photo processing, deliver galleries, and print high-end prints. As well  about how to direct your models with the proper makeup and hair for certain photography styles, how to pose and direct your models, improve your camera shooting angles,

marketing tips, how to create cellphone video content, fabric draping, and most importantly capture captivating, high-end,

timeless beauty images that you and your clients will be wowed forever. 

Los Angels photography workshop
Los Angels photography workshop
Los Angels photography workshop

Every photographer and workshop you attend is different. Therefore, there is no right or wrong way of shooting or setting lights. You can obtain the same result using various techniques with many options and different ways to capture the right photos. Photographer Karla has been a pro photographer for 15+ years. " I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to assist so many celebrity and fashion photographers in the industry. I learned different shooting and lighting techniques that I apply to my photographs and brand." No gatekeeping here. 


The best way to learn is to do it yourself, so this workshop is hands-on. You will shoot photos of the models in many different outfit looks and sets and get editing tips to apply after the workshop.



You'll also be added to a private group chat so we can stay in touch and share your progress afterward! This is a powerful tool to keep you updated with new photography tips, photo ideas, how to promote your work, and other workshops or other events—as exclusive special discounts for studio rentals.

Most importantly, it will help and support you after the workshop.

Workshop Details

This is the first and only workshop hosted by photographer KD Photo Studio. It's been such a success that the masterclass is almost sold out. Take advantage of the opportunity, and secure your seat today!!

Date: June 8th and 9th (Saturday and Sunday)

Location: LA Loft Studio’s in Downtown LA Art District — location will be shared after securing your seat—


Take advantage of this opportunity to level up this year. We want this workshop to be up-close with our students; therefore, we offer exclusivity and only accept a small number of students per workshop. We strongly believe students have more advantage of learning and feel more comfortable to ask any question. 

Masterclass Ticket Total - $1,999 

A $499 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your seat.  ( The only form of payment:  Zelle- Venmo - Credit Card ) 

The total remaining balance will be due 3 weeks before the workshop May 24th ( you can make 4 small installation payments if you wish )

What to bring to the workshop:

  • Camera

  • Lens recommended ( 24-105mm / 24-70mm or 35mm, 50mm)

  • Memory cards over 64GB

  • Batteries

  • Chargers

  • Something to take notes

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes 


What the workshop includes:

  • Two days full of learning and hands-on shooting with models. 

  • 8 hour workshop from ( 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM ) 

  • Snacks, refreshments, and lunch will be provided

  • ( 1 hour break time and two 15 breaks in between ) 

What you will learn:

  • Day 1: We will be shooting a beautiful pregnant model in four different looks and different lighting setups. 

  • Day 2: We will shoot a beautiful beauty branding fashion model with four different looks and lighting setups.  

  • Camera settings used by Karla to capture beautiful images for her clients

  • Different lights & grip techniques using studio flash strobe, spotlights, V-Flats and reflectors will give variety to your photo galleries. 

  • How to work in dark rooms and natural light studios.

  • How to shoot beauty headshots 

  • How to shoot for brands 

  • Equipment, products, wardrobe, Karla loves

  • Fabric draping techniques that give the timeless, elegant look 

  • Fabric tossing techniques hands-on to add movement to your images

  • How to direct a model to get elegant, timeless poses. 

  • How to position yourself to shoot better angles of your model.  

  • How to tether 

  • How to film BTS cell phone videos of your clients while shooting to use for marketing. 

  • Tips in how to give your clients a comfortable and luxurious experience and service so they keep coming back to you. 

  • Business tools and essentials such as photo processing, pricing, printing, marketing, social media tips, and more

  • How to work faster and make more while doing what you love.   

  • Q & A session for any additional help needed 

Must review the Terms and Conditions by clicking the button below before purchasing your ticket.


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